The Journey of ONE11 and His Latest Album: Beauty in a Struggle


ONE11 has a brief chat with us about his latest album release, Beauty in a Struggle, his inspiration, and collaborations.

The making of Beauty in a Struggle

Combined with a total of fourteen unique tracks. ONE11’s new album Beauty in a Struggle speaks diverse narratives each surrounded by different layers of dynamic beats. Allowing listeners to get lost in the contagious flow.

Speaking on the production of the album, ONE11 mentions the dedication of its producers – SKA G, Siconix, DANE and Grammy nominated producer Grxmzilla. Through commitment, powerful composition and energy, these producers helped bring the album to life. Beauty in a Struggle also features tracks in collaboration with other Maltese based artists Zion not Zeeyon, Owen Leuellen and Ben Miller.

Beauty In A Struggle is a statement to myself and to the world that when life gets hard we don’t wish for life to be easier but rather decide to be stronger.

Why Beauty in a Struggle?

ONE11’s “Beauty in a Struggle”

The album is a personal statement, not only to ONE11 but to the world. As an aspiration that when you are passing through the hardships of life, you should use them as motivation to be stronger.

One of the tracks on the album, ‘Kite Shield’, expresses a narrative on trust and betrayal – how you can do so much for someone and still get stabbed in the back. 

Throughout my life i realized that failure is not as society portrays it. It’s actually a blessing in disguise. When you fail in life and find yourself in circumstances where you can learn and I mean really learn, you may find yourself shooting forward like an arrow in reaction to the pull back.

Get to know ONE11

Since the age of fourteen ONE11 also known as CJ Cordina has been writing his own songs and along his music journey, began to produce his own songs, showcasing them on YouTube.

After going through some of life’s tough challenges, he found a solace in music, where he was able to express himself and funnel his emotions. His style involves the influence of hip-hop with his lyrics showing authenticity while motivating his listeners to make changes in their lives for the better through positivity.

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Written by Juliana Zammit

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