Underground Sound X Poster Child: A Dream Team in Branding & Marketing for the Music Industry


Underground Sound is happy to announce our new partnership with the aptly named poster child of music festival branding and design – Poster Child.   

We are proud to be working alongside such a talented design agency as they officially become a part of our growing platform and network. The collaboration between us brings together a powerful mix of media, content, and next level graphic design for festivals, events, and various other sectors of the music industry.

A partnership set to make an impact

Poster Child are a creative firm specializes in branding and graphic design for the entertainment industry. Based in Barcelona, Spain, over the last decade they have collaborated with some of the biggest names in music festivals and touring. They have also worked with street wear brands, tech startups, mega retailers, media companies, NFT clubs, and restaurants, on a global scale.

As for Underground Sound, we are a media and content agency who pride ourselves on bringing together musicians, producers, and fans alike on our media platform, to discover new sounds, and connect with like-minded individuals. Along with our new content agency UgS Content, we are set to shake up how marketing is done within the music industry.

Upping the game in 2024

Together, our brands will be working closely for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024 to offer a full range of services to help festivals, events, other industry players up there marketing and branding games.

This is the start of a journey that we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of as we head into the New Year, and beyond. There is no doubt that we will continue growing both our brands alongside Poster Child and the other partners that are involved with us.

Looking for a festival branding and design? Contact Poster Child on the links below.

Poster Child Socials

Written by Ian Hinksman

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of Underground Sound, an out-of-the-box writer, content creator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the music and events industries.

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