US Talent Booking Platform GigFinesse Secures Funding for 2023

GigFinesse for artists

US Talent booking platform GigFinesse secures a $3.6m seed-funding round from investors. This will allow them to expand its services by scaling to new cities in the US where the increase in demand has heightened.

A US talent booking startup

GigFinesse is the latest start up in the talent booking market that simplifies the booking process for artists by giving them less to think about and allowing more focus towards the creative process. The platform eliminates the middleman and establishes direct connections between the venues and performers.

It works by having musicians register their information, after which it uses its database to offer recommendations and book musicians.

GigFinesse a one-stop shop

It is a user-friendly platform that links thousands of artists from across the US and Korea with live music venues of all sizes and tastes, enabling people to build events that are suited to their musical preferences. GigFinesse acts as a one-stop shop that streamlines the booking process and collects show data.

The company was created by artists, music industry veterans and music lovers in New York, who were frustrated how messed up and difficult the music booking sector is.

“Booking is hard. Booking well is even harder.”

GigFinesse claim they are committed to cutting away all the red tape from booking shows. As mentioned on their website:

“Booking is hard. Booking well is even harder, but great nights are worth the elbow grease. At GigFinesse, we’re not just here to put events on the calendar. We’re here to create experiences, friendships, community, and financial sustainability for bands and venues. This is everything that live music can be.”

The Company Started out with live performances on chilly rooftops and in remote basements. Now it is a different story with GigFinesse operating from four major US cities and Seoul. Add to this a strong history of successful bookings that have put performers in front of thousands of fans.

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