YellowStraps Delivers Unique Genre Fluid Rework on Newest EP

YellowStraps - Photo taken by Daniiil Lavrovski
YellowStraps - Photo taken by Daniiil Lavrovski

YellowStraps the rising soul artist from Brussels released a rework of his 2023 album tentacle. Aptly entitled tentacle, but different, it showcases the album in a new light.

Tentacle, but different by YellowStraps

Tentacle (but different) begins with the track ‘sorrysorrysorry (sad sometimes)’. Synths and a bass-heavy, dubstep-influenced groove replace the tracks original piano sound. You’re immediately captivated by the melodies and the merging of traditional and contemporary styles.

One second you’re listening to bass drops and the next you’re shifted into into the masterpiece of ‘notice (know this)’. This song has been taken over by a peppy, up-tempo beat and transitions into the track ‘tnght (i can feel)’, which takes you down a dark path of rhythms and moody tones.

Halfway through, the EP hits a high note as the once was slow jam ‘headown (let’s talk about trust)’ has its BPM raised, turning the track into a dancefloor-ready banger.

Why tentacle, but different

YellowStraps – Photo taken by Daniiil Lavrovski

This EP comes after the guitar-infused rework of ‘blue (yes, i love you)’ gained significant attention, with recognition from artists like Masego, SiR, Yussef Dayes, and pop legend Nelly Furtado. Alongside it, ‘Slowdown (girl what’s up)’ has surpassed 14 million streams on Spotify alone.

Breathing a new life of YellowStraps

YellowStraps – Photo taken by Daniiil Lavrovski

YellowStraps decided to make the EP Tentacle (but different) to bring new life to their old songs. They were inspired to continue their creative journey wanting to incorporate new musical styles. YellowStraps explains that ‘‘The goal was to breathe new life into this album in which we invested a lot of love and effort, exploring various stylistic horizons”.

By changing up their familiar tunes with a modern twist, YellowStraps wanted to give listeners a fresh take on their music while staying true to the essence of the original songs.

Yellowstraps: The tour

After releasing the EP, YellowStraps will showcase a series of live shows in Spain, with dates in Barcelona at La Nau on May 23rd and in Madrid at Bassement Club on May 24th. The tour will end with a Parisian show on the 10th of October at La Maroquinerie.

A constantly evolving musician in YellowStraps

YellowStraps – Photo taken by Daniiil Lavrovski

This Brussels-based artist has been blazing a trail in the Belgian rap scene with his unique neo-soul blend for nearly ten years now. The evolving musician and songwriter has garnered attention from names like VICE and Complex while getting support from brands like Vans and Fred Perry.

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Written by Juliana Zammit

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