Paula Temple cancels on Liquid, techno party must go on

Paula Temple cancels on Liquid, techno party must go on

Friday night’s techno highlight Paula Temple was set to play at Malta’s Liquid club, but word got around that she was sick and could not make it to play this time around. It’s fair to say that if anyone missed out it was Paula, as the party held steady thanks to brilliant selections from the DJs, both local and foreign.


Wearing his cap, Inc.mode plays a longing, ethereal and simply amazing set, properly setting the foundation of the night for the Danish blondie, SØS Gunver Ryberg. In both of their sets the incorporation of tribal drums can be heard, echoing the ancestral techno in our DNA.


Ryberg plays as if no one is looking – as if she was still in her home studio with all the focus in the world onto the mixer. It makes all the difference, with the crowd responding just as gingerly to her every pitch and swing – like puppets at her fingertips. The crowd is taken by her enthusiasm and her close attention to detail. This reflects Ryberg’s curious techno story covered in Holly Dicker’s RA piece here.


Acidulant takes the opportunity to cap off the night with loads of new tunes, which gets the seal of approval from Malta’s techno crowd – who said there was no local techno talent?


The Underground Sound crew had a blast and thank Inscape and Liquid Club for the invitation and the great tracks. We are looking forward to their next event on 15 December for a live set from Radioactive Man. We wish Paula a speedy recovery so she can catch this next one.


Words By: Luc John Claude

Photo credit: Camille Blake