Positive Pete – An Aussie Psytrance Giant

Positive Pete – An Aussie Psytrance Giant

Positive by name, positive by nature! In my opinion, Positive Pete is easily one of Australia’s best psytrance DJs / producers.

His approach to music really is something to write home about and I had the pleasure of investigating the origins of Positive Pete.

How were you introduced to music?

Through family. Being of Filipino background, my mum and all her friends were always singing karaoke (standard Filipino haha) and I was introduced to R&B and hip-hop at a very young age by my brothers.

Where in the Philippines are your family from? 

My mum and brothers are from Manilia. My Dad is Aussie af though.

Where did you grow up? 

Born and raised in Melbourne

Would you say your musical roots lay in R&B and hip-hop predominantly or did you go through techno scene in clubs as well before ending up playing psychedelic trance?

Not really. I grew up with all sorts of music, rock, pop, folk, soul and everything in between. I started off in the punk/metal club scene, went to R&B then to Melbourne house/electro/minimal. Have always has a very eclectic and wide taste with music.

How were you introduced to the electronic scene in Melbourne? 

Through friends. I was a late bloomer in the Melbourne club scene and eventually that lead down the unsealed road to the psytrance community.

Why psychedelic trance?

It touches all the right spots. I feel it has so many elements of other genres mixed in one.

What was your first gig?

It was a beach doof in Port Melbourne that I was helping with. I had a 8AM slot but someone didn’t show up so I ended up playing the midnight slot. I was so nervous I almost didn’t do it, but one of the lovely doof mamas gave me a pep talk and the rest is history.

Who are your major influences?

DTMX and Harry Blotter have always been inspirational. Their humble attitudes and their approach to music has always been uplifting for me.

Who is Positive Pete?

Just something that kept coming to mind and eventually I thought “hey that can be my DJ alias”

And where did the he come from? 

Ummmmm… LSD. Haha.

What has been the major driving force behind your success? 

Many things but mostly the love of the music, the love of performing and seeing the peace and freedom in people’s faces when they have a stomp.

Do you have specific goals to achieve right now?

Looking at becoming a label DJ and also getting back into running events.

Where can we see/hear you in action?

All gigs have been postponed unfortunately until this Rona stuff dies down but can always keep up to date, listen to mixes or watch live streams on my pages.


What would you like to say to the community both locally and abroad? 

Look after yourselves, look after your mates and by doing that the domino effect will have a amazing outcome.