Queen Of Maltese Hip-Hop Dance Cheryl Lofreda Talks To UGS

Queen Of Maltese Hip-Hop Dance Cheryl Lofreda Talks To UGS

Time and time again Underground Sound says that this little island of ours in the Mediterranean harbors some serious talent in a multitude of art fields. Cheryl Lofreda is one such person.


Cheryl Started Dancing at 15 and now at only 22 years old she’s travelled extensively over the past 7 years of her dance career winning many battles & competitions along the way in several different countries including Malta.


Cheryl is the founder & director of her own crew: Concept of Movement which was founded back in 2016. With her loyal crew by her side, they have won Bass Camp 2017 Crew Competition in Malta then she went on to win Red Bull Dance Your Style 2018 All Style Battles.

When you see growth in yourself and anything you put your heart and mind to, the next logical next step is to pass that knowledge on and educate others. Cheryl started teaching from age 19 which has taken her to Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Concept Of Movement,

Forming part of a Company she performed in the theater show ‘’Piece of Mind’’ by Mecnun Giasar in 2017. In 2018 she travelled to assist and perform with an international choreographer. (Building Block (USA), Snow Globe (USA), World of Dance Mexico, World of Dance Berlin) which has given her the opportunity to train with the best dancers from  around the world. Locally she’s performed and created a 30 minute theater performance with her team and a live band “Plato’s Dream Machine’’ for the European capital city of arts, Valletta. (Valletta 18)

Cheryl Lofreda

‘’Last year was amazing , as team we travelled for the first time as a crew from Malta to: ” World of Dance” one of the biggest events globally. As a team we competed and also as an individual I performed an exhibition.”


”This year is looking bright, I am more than ready to continue working with my team: ‘Concept of Movement’ and also individually as an artist. My aim is to push myself and the ones around me to the limits! Great things come only with will-power, belief and love in the art which you create. I want dancers to see dance not only as movement  but also as a therapy for themselves. Dance is beyond movement! ’’


‘’I am now travelling again for the second time to Switzerland to teach and share my art with other fellow dancers. I love teaching because I can share my story with others, share the love for the art itself. I will be giving three classes in Switzerland. I really like it in Switzerland because the dancers are of a high level.

“Apart from sharing with the dancers, I will also experience more of the place. I love travelling to different countries and observe and live different kinds of cultures. Architecture, religions & more ! 2019 will also give us a European tour which is currently being planned I’m so pumped for this!”


Urban Block Switzerland 2019.

Words by: Ian Hinksman & Cheryl Lofreda

Photography courtesy of: Red Bull Malta & Bass Camp Malta