Read & Listen to Radikal Guru in Malta, Bass Culture’s Top Invite

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Dub music tickles your brain when it’s done properly. In this context, Radikal Guru was a full out head massage. Coupled with Mute club’s new and very effective speakers, the effect was monstrous. It’s just event number two at this new venue and people were bouncing to the sound of fresh dub music.

Bass Culture

Add Bass Culture‘s experience with Mute club’s new and very effective speakers and the effect was monstrous. Saturday, June 23rd was just event number two at this new venue and people were bouncing to the sound of fresh dub music.

We cannot get over the danceable, altruistic feeling that Radikal Guru brings to the forefront of his sets – they bring forward the best of the dub world, all for you, the listeners.

This effect was obvious to the masses. The crowd was a mix of Bass Culture regulars and those a little curious about this new series of Dub Events called the Dub Yard. Front and center, Malta’s most successful dub promotion Bass Culture had people dancing, which is the most important aspect of all.

Heard on the night:

Jump & skank

Open on that very week, Mute offered a cozy set-up for this kind of event. The sound was fantastic – absolutely loud enough to jump and skank to, but just at the right level so you could speak to the person next to you without having to pierce their eardrums.

Not to mention the complete absence of ringing ears the next day. Several other members of Underground Sound also there for the launch event said the same.

With Bass Culture at the controls, the speakers made your ribcage rumble and your voice quiver.

radikal guru dub
Radikal Guru. live

Played by Radikal Guru:

All under the auspices of the Maltese night sky the Dub Yard spoke and we heard – there was an intimate expression of togetherness at Mute. In the words of Radikal Guru directed to the crowd, “You know what we’re here for, it’s all about love, peace, and unity!”

All in all a great debut for the Bass Culture series and a nice kickoff weekend for Malta’s latest new club.

Photos courtesy of Dragana Rankovic Photography

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Written by Luc

"If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair"


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