Review of Acidulant’s Latest Release: Iteration of A Dark Future

Review of Acidulant’s Latest Release: Iteration of A Dark Future

Underground Sound had a privileged first listen to Acidulant’s latest acid techno release, Iteration of a Dark Future.

The Maltese producer is well known locally and has garnered an international following on Spotify with his acid-laden, squelchy creations that have been played by prominent acid techno artists in the past.

In association with the We Love Acid team, they have brought Luke Vibert, 030303 crew and Mark Archer over to Malta a few times for intense showdowns. Associated acts are Post Human and Sean Rickett.

Our thoughts

The first track drips slowly into the feel of the album. Listening on, you hear distant chords that draw similarities to Recondite. Through the third track, Acidulant comes rolling in like a storm and continues relentlessly from that point onwards.

The album is very complete with a great build in pace to track five, Ritual Manipol – we appreciate the layers and the multi-dimensional sounds Acidulant has put into this piece.

Moria is our favorite track – it has a well-rounded kind of bounce that gets you moving and grooving, whether you’re sitting, standing or crawling.

Again, the pace of the album is great, a few of these we’ll look forward to hear on a club sound system (eventually). We dig it and if you are in any way, shape or form a self-respecting acid freak, you will too.

Listen Up

Iteration of a Dark Future is available on Bandcamp for purchase – support your artists!

If you haven’t heard Acidulant’s other work, check out his Spotify.

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