A subculture is a social group differentiated by characteristics unifying its members.

It’s a community of people that all identify with certain tastes, such as music and fashion. They detach from mainstream culture and distance themselves from commercialization.

Here you will find articles on subcultures from around the world.

We cover art, sex and travel, and everything in-between. Discover the unknown and dive into the underreported fringes of society.

Subculture and underground music go hand in hand. Think of music scenes like punk, gabber and hip hop – all were cultural pariahs at some point.

Much like the music, we report on scenes that you didn’t think you needed to know about, such as cultural phenomenons and taboos.

Subcultures are important to establishing identity. They produce a sense of belonging to those who might have none and make members contemplate their relationship to the mainstream.

Are you sub curious now?

There is a community for everyone out there, a place to fit in and be totally yourself.

Allow us to introduce you to subcultures from around the world, groups with odd fascinations and friends you never knew you had.

Join a team, find a community or at the very minimum effort, join a subreddit.

Veer away from the mundane and join us for a trip down the rabbit hole – you will not be disappointed.

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