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  • vinyl records

    Vinyl Records – Eye-Catching & Unique Kaleidoscope of Vibrant Colors

    Vinyl records and originality have no limits, especially when considering some of the more creative LPs that are uniquely being manufactured. Here are some of the most unorthodox vinyl records out there, made from zany materials, clever designs and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and patterns. Jack White- Sixteen Saltines This two-track record, featuring ‘Sixteen […] More

  • tamara grosso

    Quarantine Poetry: How Argentine Writer Tamara Grosso Survives

    Tamara Grosso is an Argentine writer, editor, and poet. Due to the pandemic, people are forbidden to go outside. From home, she tells us how poets live (and survive) this world crisis. Tamara Grosso on solitude & isolation Poets are great friends of solitude and isolation. It is there they connect with inspiration and creativity. […] More

  • Living Statues Festival Argentina: See the Amazing Art of Not Moving

    Welcome to the National Living Statues Festival of Bahía Blanca. Discover this cultural wonder of Argentina and the art of standing absolutely still. National Living Statues Festival in Argentina How much can silence transmit? And stillness? Is there communication between an immobile body and another that observes? For more than seven consecutive years, in the […] More

  • Art in Malta in a Nutshell, Greed vs. Creativity One Winner

    Art in Malta thrown in the corner A Real Estate company has covered an important cultural mural in downtown Sliema Malta,they decided that putting up a billboard over a piece of street art that depicts the struggle of migrants into Europe was a great idea that would go unnoticed.  However, the wall is set to […] More

  • Nadine Baldow & Josefine Lehner

    Discover Contemporary Art: Nadine Baldow & Josefine Lehner, Valletta

    There I was in Valletta waiting on the arrival of two contemporary artists from Germany. Music fills the air from the buskers that were blazing away just a short distance from me. Contemporary Art in Valletta I’m here at the Valletta Contemporary Art Gallery to meet the curator of Pristine Paradise: Occupied Objects. Nadine Baldow […] More

  • ugs logo

    In-House Graffiti with The Mister Pink at Underground Sound Office

    I wipe the beads of sweat running down my eyebrow. An invisible cloud of aerosol pervades the air around us. Roasting like fresh meat on the grill, we gather in the enclosed Msida courtyard. Slowly getting burnt in the Maltese afternoon sun, it’s graffiti day. Graffiti with Mister Pink We are watching Aleksandar Vojvodic aka The Mister […] More

  • csaey bar 1

    Impressive Prose & Quirky Tales at Casey’s Bar Spoken Word Event

    Once a month, on one of the many backstreets of Gzira, you will find a quaint and cosy bar playing hosting storytelling and poetry. Welcome to the Casey’s Bar Spoken Word Evening, courtesy of some of Malta’s very talented writers and poet Cultural stone  That’s right, Malta is not all about big baselines and killer […] More

  • ashekman fairuz

    See and Hear Ashekman – Graffiti Twins Painting Lebanon’s Walls

    It’s nearly noon and Beirut’s Hamra Street is churning full of traffic. Weaving past gridlocked cars and dodging the occasional buzzing scooter, I walk into a nearby commercial building to meet Beirut’s graffiti kings. Lebanese graffiti and rap duo I’m here to meet Ashekman, a Lebanese street art and rap duo that have become a […] More