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  • Chance the rapper

    Polo and Hip-Hop: Learn About Rap’s Obsession With Ralph Lauren

    Polo and hip-hop – a brief history. Back in the 1980’s Ralph Lauren founded his fashion label. His intentions were to form a menswear line for wealthy elites. It was a brand that encapsulated the American dream of quality, allure, and wealth. Ralph Lauren built an empire on selling something unattainable for most people. It was […] More

  • Martial Arts for Street survival


    A Guide To The Top 4 Martial Arts for Street Survival

    Martial Arts come in many forms and styles. Some are used in competitions and tournaments. However, the real danger is always found on the streets. Top 4 Martial Arts for street survival With no rules and no judge to stop the fight. Street fights are unpredictable and can easily result in heavy injuries and, unfortunately, […] More

  • Belly Dancing: The Passionate Art of Female Empowerment

    Belly dancing can be described as energetic, flirtatious empowering, and lustful. These are a few reasons why this once forbidden dance has been around for thousands of years. Finding the art of Belly Dancing The first time I saw a dancer snake her way through a shisha bar, I was utterly enamored and told myself, […] More

  • mosh pit


    Mosh Pit: A Place to Slam into One Another – But Why?

    Welcome to the mosh pit. It’s a place where people throw themselves against each other. Imagine a sort of ritual where people belligerently thrash around to heavy, hard-hitting music.  We delve into the psychology of this and why it may be good for your (mental) health. Mosh pit, the physical manifestation of music Being shoved […] More

  • charles manson

    How Charles Manson Tried & Failed To Launch A Music Career

    How the infamous cult leader Charles Manson tried – and failed – to launch a music career. We look at his album “Lie: The Love And Terror Cult”. Charles Manson and his creative side If you’re intrigued by the inner mechanisms of the psychopathic mind, the best way to get a closer look is through their creative […] More

  • bam bam boogie

    Twerk with Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness for International Dance Day

    Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness invites us to dance and twerk. Read about what Bami, entrepreneur and founder has to say about her work. Twerk after work For International Dance Day I joined an event on Instagram to raise money for the Young Women’s Trust. Through the @twerkafterwork channel, this event had something that really […] More

  • lolita fashion

    Lolita Fashion: Amazing Couture From Oppression to Self-Expression

    Lolita fashion is cuteness culture from Japan. Discover how it was an expression of defiance and how it spread globally. Lolita fashion & cute aesthetics From bows, to bonnets, to frills, pleats, and lace, Lolita fashion sets the bar for ‘cute aesthetics’. What’s it like to be a Lolita? Mexico’s Kawaii Ambassador (Kawaii is another […] More

  • Juggalo

    Juggalo Culture: Theatrics, Face Painting & Murder Rap

    The basis for most modern-day music is drug, sex, and violence, but no other artists take it as far as in Juggalo culture with their theatrics, face paint, and murder rap. Juggalo music – murder, mental health, sex, and alcohol The Juggalo culture is one that has been faced with many trials and tribulations. It’s […] More

  • BAM - Burlesque Academy Malta performers

    Burlesque Queen Undine Laverve – The Siren of The Mediterranean

    Burlesque was used and is still used, in musical performances to indicate a zestful mood often in contrast to the serious nature of the acts. The Siren of The Mediterranean Early in the 18th century, the term burlesque was used across the European continent. It described musical works which had serious and comedic elements that […] More

  • Tarot reading

    Tarot Reading: Faye Alamango, Her Tarot Cards and the Future

    Tarot reading dates back centuries and is still continued to this day. Have you ever wondered what the future holds for you or you’re just simply interested in the subject? Tarot reading at Zombie Apocalypse If you answered yes to the above then catch Faye Alamango on Nov. 2, 2019, at Zombie Apocalypse, St’Julians and […] More

  • It’s Ma’am – How Misgendering Lead to Viral Meme Fame

    It’s Ma’am… We speak with SaraTonin an infamous woman on the internet. The camera catches her losing her cool at a GameStop store in the US, after being misgendered. Stoking the flames of anger….. It’s Ma’am What then ensued was an angry rant aimed towards the employee who is seen trying to calm the situation. […] More

  • gazed plastic is not fantastic

    Introducing GAZED: Sustainable Threads & Talented Designers

    Support GAZED and their “Plastic Is Not Fantastic” fundraiser to save the environment and support artists. We’ve interviewed Joanna, Magdalena and Praga – the Malta-based Polish trifecta – to find out why donating to their cause is so important.  #PLASTICISNOTFANTASTIC GAZED – the new brand in Malta selling only organic and fair-trade clothing.  GAZED is set to […] More

  • Slovakian – Dance Powerhouse Zuzana an Unmistakable Energy

    Slovakian Zuzana Medvedova’s arrival in Malta last year marks another addition to the island’s talented dance community. Kicking ass in Slovakian competitions From kicking ass in competitions back home in Slovakia to teaching Malta’s next dance generation in hip-hop dancing., We catch up to find out how she got here and where she is going. […] More

  • The World's Smallest Stripper Sassie Cassie
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    The World’s Smallest Stripper Sassy Cassee, Little Person, Big Voice

    The World’s Smallest Stripper Sassie Cassie is proud to be just 2’10. What she may lack in size she certainly makes up for in personality and energy. Officialy recognised as The World’s Smallest Stripper Born in Minnesota, US Sassee Cassee, weighs just over ninetenn kilograms,and was was once told she’d never make it in the […] More

  • A Look Into Malta’s Independent Movie Scene III

    Independent movie and web series Gypsy & The Devil is now currently in production of the third installment. The series explores tarot reading, tarot cards, astrology, and crystals. Maltese production We had a chat with producer Faye Alamango. Gypsy & The Devil is a new and original independently shot Maltese production that is available to […] More

  • Malta’s Independent Movie scene Part 2: “Coming Soon”

    Malta’s independent movie scene part two now we take a look into the newly released web series “Coming Soon”. Malta’s independent movie scene brings us “Coming Soon” The web series “Coming Soon” has twenty stories or short films in seven episodes – all filmed in Malta. Every episode is aired on YouTube every Sunday evening […] More

  • Malta’s Independent Movie Scene Part 1: A Better Life

    Malta’s independent movie scene doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. So, we think it’s about time to shine a light on the hub of ex-pats and Maltese people bringing various film/acting talents and general creativity. We sit down for a chat with director Mike West on his short movie A Better Life. Malta’s independent movie […] More

  • Cheryl Lofreda the Queen of Maltese Hip Hop Dance

    Cheryl Lofreda is one reason why we say time and time again that this little island of ours in the Mediterranean harbors some serious talent in a multitude of artistic disciplines. Concept of Movement & Cheryl Lofreda She Started Dancing at 15 and now at only 22 years old, She’s traveled extensively over the past […] More

  • Hearts for Arts Malta Launches 2v2 Dance Competition

    Hearts for Arts is working hard to move Malta’s dance scene forward. Who vs Who by Hearts for Arts Hearts For Arts is a dance community happy to announce that they will be starting a monthly 2 v 2 dance competition held in Msida. Under the direction of the talented Antonio and Herve, the competition […] More

  • Madrid Hosts Capoeira Nago Malta for a Weekend of Training and Partying

    Capoeira involves live music, intensive bodyweight training, and a worldwide family, so when we were invited to play in Madrid along with the city’s nightlife you better believe we jumped at the chance. We went with four other Maltese residents for a three-day Capoeira workshop in Madrid with Capoeira Nagô Malta. An international community of […] More

  • penzalapanza

    Late Night Food from Penzalapanza – Street Eats Served with Love

    Beef? Buffalo? Donkey? Sicilians will go to great lengths to free your mind of the daily grind and let you focus on what really matters in life: greasy, juicy, fattening, and unhindered late-night grub for a reasonable price. Late night post party pork Only a short walk away from Funky Monkey in Gzira, Penzalapanza (Italian for “thinking […] More

  • capoeira alf flying

    Discover Capoeira in Malta – Where Music Meets Martial Arts

    Capoeira is a sport that flows to the sound of music – one that perfectly blends strength and flexibility. A martial art played to the classic sounds of Brazilian music, it was once practiced by the African slaves and is now the national sport of Brazil. It’s intense, it’s passionate and it’s in Malta. Origins of […] More

  • smoke ring

    Why Choose Vape over Tobacco? An Explanation by the Vape Store

    Smoking is a big part of party culture and we take interest in what is being inhaled and why. It is not uncommon to find more and more people smoking vaporizers or “vapes” rather than cigarettes. We approached Tom Waugh of The Vape Store, Buggiba to find out why people are choosing vapor over smoke. Anyone […] More