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– Anthony Bourdain.

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  • malta pagan community

    Pagan Community Malta, Meet the Spirit of the Goddess Community

    Outside of the Catholic character of Malta, Paganism exists on this island with a Catholic majority where signs of a pre-Christian past can still be seen today. Pagan community – what is it? Paganism is an umbrella term; used to refer to a number of sub-sects like Wicca, worship of the Mother Goddess and many […] More

  • New orleans

    Come Get Down and Dirty with UgS in New Orleans

    Two years ago I left part of my soul in New Orleans. Now I return to give a little more and to discover Cajun, jazz, and hip-hop in the Big Easy. Swamplands Getting off the plane at Louis Armstrong International airport you can already smell the difference in the air. The humidity on your skin […] More