8 Innovative Smoking Accessories for This Year’s 4/20 Celebration

It’s almost time to celebrate 4/20 so we have compiled a list of must have smoking accessories for any cannabis smoker to up their game in both style and functionality.

What’s 4/20 again?

The 4/20, term was first coined in 1971 when five friends from California came together to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. The plan was to follow a treasure map that was made by the grower.

The group of friends, or the Waldos as they were known around school, planned to meet at 4:20pm to go in search of the crop. Since then, the number 420 has become synonymous within the cannabis community as a codeword for getting high. This spawned the official holiday celebrated on every 4th of April, hence 4/20.

Gear up for the greenest of holidays

With 4/20 approaching, we break down some of the must-have essentials to smoke with.

You may have a few of these already. However, it’s unlikely you’ve seen all the accessories compiled in this list.

Step up your ganja game with the best weed accessories, which will make your life easier with the bonus of making your stoner friends jealous of your new smoking drip.

1. Smell proof bag, an essential smoking accessory

Smell Proof Bag
Smell Proof Bag

There’s a ton of products on the market for this particular smoking accessory, but for the sake of functionality and cost, you can’t go wrong with this smell proof bag from Freeboy. It will keep you from smelling like a walking dispensary, and also features a combination lock to keep your stash safe from kids or prying hands.

Available in grey or camo.

Buy it here.

2. Pre-rolled cones, a smoking accessory to make your life easier

Smoke in style

There’s always that one asshole friend who thinks they’re better than the rest of you. Now’s your chance to be that friend.

Make a big impression when you rock up to the smoke sesh with your smoking accessory game on with these Periwinkle Paisley pre-rolled cones. The papers are super slow burning, are plant based and odorless. Paisley not your vibe? They have plenty of other styles.

Just make sure your cones are packed with the highest quality chronic or your efforts will be in vain.

Buy them here.

(Bonus) Blazy Susan – Stock up on paper smoking accessories

Up in Pink
Up in pink

For some, pre-rolled cheats the ritual. Enter Blazy Susan with their king size pink papers.

As the above, Blazy Susan makes use of ultra-thin and slow burning paper and from the reviews they are ranking on a number of lists as the best papers to smoke with so you know that smoke is gonna be fire.

If you really want to color coordinate Blazy Susan has a number of pink smoking materials to fulfill your pink needs.

Go pink and buy here.

3. JPAQmini, the ultimate in portable smoking accessories

Crushproof cigarette case

Ditch that single doob tube or random box that you use to store your pre-rolled joints in before heading out.

The JPAQmini is a compact and crushproof, erm, cigarette case, designed to ward off humidity keeping your pre-rolls safe, dry and ready at the flick of the lid.

Buy it here.

4. Tectonic9 grinder – an essential to your smoking accessories

Meet the Ferrari of grinders.

Traditional grinders have a tendency to crush the herb. The Tectonic9 grinder on the other hand finely slices through it creating a fuller consistency that burns more evenly and helps to protect the crystals resulting in a more potent experience.  

However, emptying the contents of a traditional grinder can be a messy process, and getting the perfect amount to where it needs to be is tedious. The Tectonic9 marries the reliability of a your traditional grinder with an electronic dispensing mechanism. So, no matter how high you are, you will get that perfect grind every time.

Buy it here.

5. Apothecarry smoking case

Store in style
Store in style

There’s nothing worse than storing your fresh grow in unstylish plastic containers and baggies. Putting style to one side there’s a much more important reason to store in the correct manner and that’s the aroma, taste, and consistency.

This case is on the expensive side however, luxury does come at a price even if it is a smoking accessory.

Pick up your case here.

6. Glass gravity infuser – a beast in the world of smoking accessories

The Beast
The Beast

The Stündenglass gravity infuser is a beast of a smoking accessory and is a modern-day take on the standard gravity bong you used to construct in your mates bedroom. This 360° rotating glass uses kinetic motion activation via cascading water movement, which makes use of the natural force of gravity. 

Click here to buy.

7. HEIR hand pipe

HEIR Handpipe

For those that love the pipe, it’s time to head into the future and upgrade that old pipe that depicts a cartoon cannabis leaf that you probably bought at some souvenir store.

HEIR have updated their original handpipe design with a completely capped body that contains the smell inside. The pipe is made of Rugged materials and finishes, a more lightweight and compact form, and lanyard all make stashing this companion in your bag or pocket then retrieving it quick and easy.

Buy the HEIR here

8. Ducking high, a smoking accessory game

Ducking High
Ducking High

Have you been invited to a smoke circle where you don’t know anybody and want to leave a lasting impression? Alternatively, do you want to spice up your regular sessions? 

Enter Ducking High, the card game that’s designed to enhance your high through crazy questions that will lead the circle into some long and out of this world conversations. 

Buy here.

To do list:

  • Plan the smoke sesh
  • Buy smoking accessories.
  • Buy munchies
  • Follow Underground Sound on Spotify
  • Choose a playlist out of our 100+ lists of music from around the world
  • Roll/light/puff/pass

All the products featured in this article include our affiliate links. So, if you if you’re going to buy click through our links to help support our coverage of the underground.

Happy smoking y’all.

Written by Ian Hinksman

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of Underground Sound, an out-of-the-box writer, content creator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the music and events industries.

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