9 Affordable & Unique Musical Instruments You Can Find on Amazon

Ocarina on sheet music

Gift your musician friend one of these nine unique musical instruments. With any of these, it won’t be hard to stand out from the band at all.

Or perhaps there’s someone who could channel some of their time and energy into making music. From ancient and traditional to modern and even a bit funny, consider these as original gifts.

Let’s begin in Sicily.

1.   Marranzano, one of the traditional & unique musical instruments from Sicily

One of the more traditional instruments, this belongs to the tradition of the Italian region of Sicily. However, according to some, its most ancient origins are to be found in Asia.

Also called “dreamcatcher” for its shape, it is metal curve tool with a thin string. It’s a wind instrument and you need your mouth and teeth to play it, while you pick the strings.

It produces different sounds depending if you use your tongue, if you pick the strings or if you do both things at the same time. Another sound is also produced if you take a breath when you pick the strings.

Curious to play it? You can find one here on Amazon.

2. Kazoo, a simple instrument for more fun at your parties

The Kazoo is a small and versatile instrument that can be transported and transform every situation. You only need your breath, and there’s no need to blow – just hum!

The Kazoo is versatile because its sound can accompany guitar, ukulele, violin, piano and keyboard. It’s perfect for parties when everyone is up to a different instrument.

It’s very easy so also the less-musical friend can join. Useful outdoor, on vacation or whenever you want music but don’t feel to bring a heavier instrument with you.

This one is cheap, but professional, good advice if it’s your first time!

3. Ocarina, feeling the whisper of nature

Ocarina is called a “globular” wind instrument. It is made of a clay structure full of holes, usually ten. Invented in XIX century in Italy, and associated to magic, it has a mild sound.

Its name is related to its shape: it reminds of a goose head (oca in Italian). Unlike most flutes, it does not have an open structure, but it’s more globe-shaped. The air, introduced from the mouth in the big opening, moves through the holes.

This is one of the unique musical instruments often associated with magic, cartoons and fairy tales. Fun fact: did you know that characters in the videogame The Legend of Zelda play it? Also there is an ocarina moment in the song ‘The Chaffeur’ by Duran Duran.

Try this one if you want to feel in a fairy tale and reproduce the sound of a forest.

4. Ojadiligbo, one of the unique musical instruments from Africa, a wooden flute with special esthetic and amazing sound

Musical tradition from Africa is rich in sound and in musical instruments. This wooden flute is a good example.

Also known as Oja flute, it is usually carved from bamboo and can have a different shape, however always with three finger holes. The player can blow from the top while holding this instrument with both hands.

Curious to try? Check this one out, available on Amazon.

5. Kalimba, popular and ancient, a place in the history of music

Kalimba is a unique musical instrument popular in different parts of the world, however it is mostly associated with African culture and music.

It is versatile and used in many genres – such as pop and jazz – as well as to cover famous songs.

A versatile instrument, many musicians have played it, including some famous ones like Amadou and Mariam, Toumani Diabaté, Bea Fleck and Manu Dibango.

If you wonder which one you should choose, have a look here.

6. Otamatone Deluxe, unique musical instruments and electronic sounds made in Japan

Otamatone is a Japanese musical instrument that resembles a guitar. It is shaped like a musical quaver note. Simple and fun to play, it’s perfect for beginners.

Its sound can be similar to the theremin, but playing is way simpler. Otamatone is an easy instrument if you want to experiment with something uncommon, but versatile. It can beep, slide and produce notes, including being a tool for famous covers.

Check this one on Amazon, excellent and with a cute design. If you’re most an electronic type, you’ll like this one. It is also a synthesizer!

7. Jaw Harp, ancient music from your lips

Jaw harp – also known as the Jew’s harp – is a light mouth instrument that is made of steel. The sound is based on the way it is played, and depending on the level and intensity of touch, it can create a variety of melodies. It can be a complementary instrument for a variety of genres – including techno.

This one is handmade, perfect for a gift.

8. Orba, one-for-all electronic, portable unique musical instruments

If you are more the electronic type, have a look at this: Orba is a one-for-all gadget that could make your life easier.

It is a sampler, synth, looper and MIDI controller in one object. It is the greatest ally for creating your songs. Since its library contains a variety of genre, you can explore RnB, LoFi as well as piano and violin at the same time. Be creative.

There is a good offer here.

9. Handmade musical spoons, unique musical instruments from Canadian heritage

Last one is a fun percussion instrument, and a legend from Canada. This spoon instrument is usually made of wood and creates an awesome rhythm.

It is believed that it was used in traditional joyful ceremonies, and it is still a good tool to add groove to a performance. There are different sizes: if you’re a beginner, a small one is recommended.

Up for it? Our recommendation if you’re buying one.

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