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Outside of the Catholic character of Malta, Paganism exists on this island with a Catholic majority where signs of a pre-Christian past can still be seen today.

Pagan community – what is it?

Paganism is an umbrella term; used to refer to a number of sub-sects like Wicca, worship of the Mother Goddess and many more. I seek out Malta’s Pagan community through the eyes of a local Priestess, Rose Caruana.

Rose is one of the founders of the Malta Goddess Community. She feels a particularly strong connection to the pre-historic temples of Malta, particularly the Ħaġrat Temples of Mġarr.

Pagan ceremony
Pagan ceremony

Pagan community in Malta

So, can you tell me a little about your contribution to paganism in Malta?

I started up the pagan community here in 1999. It was against much stigma, hate and pain. Now, the community is much more accepted, with many different branches. Magic Touch takes on this communal approach, the shop is a hub.

How would you personally define paganism?

I will answer you in reverse. My spirituality, pagan beliefs and deep love for the temples, our Mother earth and Goddess, defines me.

Could you elaborate on some of the beliefs you hold?

I am a pagan. We believe that life, or our lives, are a circle. Always beginning and never ending; I am at one with the air; to breathe in the breath that I sometimes take for granted. I am fire; that lights, heats, and warms, like the passions, loves and emotions that we harbour in our heart. Sometimes, it can be destructive, in order to make way for the new.

I am water; my tears and my womb, which hold the sacred life, my blood. We are at one with the sea, with the lakes, with the rain, that wash away our tears and reinvigorate the earth. I am the earth.

If you could just give me some more information on the Malta Goddess community, what are some common practices and rituals you participate in?

We drum together, laugh together, cry together, sing and honour nature. Together we share our stories and the stories of our ancestors. We dream together of a healed world and a peaceful, living humanity.

An invisible web created by the goddess that weaves us together in this lifetime. It defies the concepts of time, space and distance. A community is just that – a huge wonderful web of energy that makes us find each other.

We drum together, laugh together, cry together, sing and honour nature
We drum together, laugh together, cry together, sing and honour nature

An un breakable bond

Just like the bees, we vibrate with the same frequency. The differences dissolve. We are a tribe. The most interesting conversation I ever had, was the silent one.

Where we just met, sat together and spoke with our heart. The plants and trees speak. If one just listens, the clouds and sky tell us stories if we are ready to hear them.

Would you say that the recent trend spike in the use of crystals and other pagan tools is depicting the practices incorrectly?

No, that is where we all start, but they are not everything! They are tools, mostly whatever we look for is within us.

How do you use crystals?

Crystals are amplifiers of our energy. They are used in the same way a singer would use a microphone. They are receptive, giving and living sentient beings.

Nikola Tesla said, “though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Different crystals amplify different elements within us.

Just one more request, do you have anything you’d like to say to readers who may not know too much about paganism?

Follow you heart, listen to your soul, but research from reputable sources. Seek elders who can support and offer guidance without becoming gurus.

There is too much shit circulating on social media, photos that are misguiding to say the least. Paganism and the community here, are nature-based. We focus on working with and for the earth and have absolutely nothing to do with satanism.

Ceremony at ancient Maltese temples
Ceremony at ancient Maltese temples

Find out more about the pagan community

Make sure to check out Rose’s page, Magic Touch Malta where you can get your hands on some wonderful products, stay updated on any upcoming events and watch some of her soothing, informational videos on all things pagan!

Images courtesy of: Magic Touch Malta (Rose Caruana) and Sita Azzopardi

Written by Nicola Tabone

Nicola Tabone is a Malta-based content writer with experience writing about music and subculture.

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