Art in Malta in a Nutshell, Greed vs. Creativity One Winner

Art in Malta thrown in the corner

A Real Estate company has covered an important cultural mural in downtown Sliema Malta,they decided that putting up a billboard over a piece of street art that depicts the struggle of migrants into Europe was a great idea that would go unnoticed. 

However, the wall is set to vanish in three months but this is beside the point.

Due to the nature of the piece, we believe that the art could’ve been enjoyed and photographed over its last few months! Rather than art being thrown in the corner – an all too familiar feeling on the island

The thoughts of artists and musicians


MTO (Original Artist)

“Savagely covering a political mural speaking about migrants struggles to cross the Mediterranean sea with an ugly real estate advertisement which looks like it’s getting out of the character’s butt couldn’t make more sense”

Twitchcraft (Project manager & graffiti artist)

“Originally the wall was for me but I gave it to MTO because I was directing the Sliema Arts Festival and had no time”

“I  had met MTO in Belfast he was my first choice when it came to bringing artists out for the festival. This is a sad day for me what else can I say – this just shows the level of total disregard towards anything of any creative or cultural significance”.

“These are the lowest, worst of the worst. I am totally speechless”.

Soul and heart beat to the area

Seapuppy (Graffiti artist)

“When a mural artist puts up a big piece, that artist is giving all of themselves to a community”.

Their years of sharpening their tools within their skill set to their thoughts shaped by the world around them. Thus, it’s only natural that a community would greatly respect and appreciate these traits that give soul and a heartbeat to an area”.

“Its free for all and we can sit, watch and wonder for a moment in our busy lives”.

“A labored gift for the people to be covered by a soulless billboard asking you to ”buy our stuff’ is highly inappropriate and would be naturally frowned upon”.

Street art in Malta & Italy
Street art in Malta & Italy

Eddie Fresco

“Honestly speechless! what can you even say”

Big leap & a big fall for art in Malta

Rheez (hip hop artist)

“They’d rather outshine art with the estate, what a state, unfortunately, money is more important than creativity nowadays”

Zephyr Bugelli (Visual artist) 

“Another big leap for real estate another big fall for something iconic”

Depth (Producer)

“Had to happen eventually The rules of construction go in that manner no laws say that you cannot work on top of graffiti”

Anonymous  (Actor)

“Talk about a bad advertising campaign, they’re going to be hated I mean why the fuck would you do that. it’s like saying. Fuck aren’t we all about the money”

Written by The Hinky

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional." – Hunter S. Thompson

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