A Complete Guide to Malta’s Weed Clubs & Their Laws

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Malta’s weed clubs are here, and if you’re jonesing for a joint but not sure how to get your hands on one — you’re not alone. Here’s our complete guide to Malta’s cannabis clubs their laws, and how you can make the most of what they offer.

Stop. Before we go any further, take note that this article is for informational purposes only and does not count as legal advice in way whatsoever —  get yourself a lawyer for that.

Malta’s weed clubs: To be legal, or not to be, that’s the question 

Well, it’s decriminalized. The difference is that penalties can still apply, but not as a criminal offence. So, how do you go about avoiding these penalties and sucking down a fat joint at the same time? What even are these penalties?

Whether you’re a first time smoker, or a seasoned-pro, Malta’s cannabis laws (much like everything else here) can be really confusing. Don’t worry fellow stoners, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to getting your very own decriminalized green lungs.

Finding a cannabis club

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First things first, these “weed clubs” are supposed to be called “Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations” (or CHRA) but to avoid sounding ridiculous we’ll just call them weed clubs for now.

Get yourself on ARUC’s website, find the contact details for the CHRA’s, and reach out expressing your interest in joining their club. 

Its worth noting, all the clubs are full. Yes, all of them. Limited to 500 people per club, and considering they all legally have to be non-profit, you’ll have a tough time actually finding an available spot. Not to worry, four more clubs are opening up shortly! Northern Lights, NEGE, Pollen Theory and South Flowers will soon be open for business so get in the action now and secure your spot while you can.

Joining Malta’s weed clubs

I’ve got good news and bad news. What do you want first? Good news? 

Well the good news is its super easy to join.

But here is where some dissapointment may be headed your way. If you’re a tourist interested in smoking up while on your trip, you won’t be able to join a club. Better start planning your “Lads on Tour 2024 Edition” in Amsterdam. Only residents with a valid ID card can apply to be members. With that being said, you also can’t bring in cannabis from abroad as in the eyes of big brother, that would be trafficking. 

Other than that, locals and residents are free to apply, buy their membership and weed, smoke, and repeat! Within limits, of course, which leads us to our next point.

Being in a ganja club

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You did it, you’re here. Now what?

Starting off with buying a membership- lets use KDD as an example. They cost €35 per three months, which includes your entry to the club, permission to buy cannabis from them, and invites to join their meetings and lessons on cannabis cultivation, harm reduction and much more.

But let’s be real. You’re really there for their oh so valuable products. Priced at €12 a gram, with differing strains for you to go crazy. Sort of. You’re capped at 7g a day, 50g a month — so if you’re a Snoop Dogg level smoker, try to save your stash as much as possible.

You should also be aware that you cannot carry over 7g in public, so if you’re holding your friends’ bud while they all simultaneously go take a leak, don’t. You’ll be issued a fine between €50-€100, although on the bright side you won’t be graced with a criminal record.

Growing green at home

You hate capitalism. But, weed…. You don’t trust pesticides. But, weed…. You don’t trust the fact that you’ll be put on a public registry after joining a club (unconfirmed, but heavily implied). But, well, weed! 

If that’s you, it’s time to start growing your own bud. Or maybe you already do. In that case, you should be aware that you can only grow in your own house, out of sight from any visitors or those nosy neighbouring nanniet (grandparents) that you may have. 

You also can only grow up to four plants in one household and — get this — that households can grow no more than 50g at one time. Considering 4 plants can grow up to 3.6kg of weed, it’s a fairly silly law but its there. And so, we send you our condolences during your heartbreak of trimming down your plant to the legal requirements.

Consuming the bud

Man lighting up a joint in chair at home
Smoking up at home. Courtesy of Jessica Ticozzelli via Pexels

By now, you’ve now obtained your very own gram. Congrats! Whether you bought from a club or grew your own, you’re now ready to smoke. How?

Sadly, you can only smoke at the address as is on your ID card, and you must smoke in an area where fumes will not affect visitors or neighbors. Yes, that also goes out to all our vapers, dabbers, and edible lovers – retreat back indoors!

You can’t even smoke at your weed club, which seems odd to us, as ARUC (the governing body in charge of weed laws) are taking a harm reduction approach. So jekk taqa’ whitey (if you green out) at home, that’s all good, but in a club where the organizers are fully trained in first aid and potential cannabis effects, that’s off limits.

Last minute recommendations for Malta’s weed clubs

  1. Get yourself on a waiting list for a club. Seriously, right now. 
  2. Prepare yourself for 4/20 with the best advice we’ve ever given, here.

Will you be seeing us at your local club?

This article offers general information on cannabis laws in Malta; readers should seek current and up-to-date legal advice elsewhere, and Underground Sound Ltd. is not responsible for any legal actions resulting from its use.

Written by Alice Milne

Alice or Daisy as they like to be known, is a Journalist studying at Malta University. They are a film nerd when at home, and raver at heart.

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