The 12 Most Ridiculous Bucket Hats to Wear in 2024

The 12 Most Ridiculous Bucket Hats to Wear in 2024

Are you even a raver if you don’t own a bucket hat in 2024?

If you frequent festivals and events on a regular basis, of all the staple fashion items you should own this classic headwear should be on top of your… cough, bucket list.

From fishing to raving

The humble bucket hat has been around since the early 1900’s and was predominately worn by walkers and fishermen for their ability to fold up and fit into a pocket. However, it became a must have fashion item in the 60’s.

Nowadays, bucket hats are rocked on the streets, and at festivals the world over, but the latter is more synonymous as the must have item in any respectable ravers festival gear. With many designs out there, we took the time to dive into the best bucket hats to wear in 2024.

1. To trip or not to trip that is the question

Choose your side
Choose your side

Ah the old Shakespearian question, or something along those lines. To be fair, who doesn’t love choices? This reversible bucket hat offers the wearer just that. So, depending on your vibe, chose between either trippy and colorful or plain black like the color of your soul the next morning.

Choose the light or dark side of life here on Amazon.

2. What the Duck Bro: the bucket hat for rubber duck lovers

For the love of rubber ducks bucket hat
For the love of rubber ducks

Showcase your love of rubber ducks with this perfect bucket hat that lets all the haters know that they shouldn’t mess with you because you’re about that Duck Life. Or on the flipside you will meet and bond with fellow rubber duck lovers. Either way it’s a talking point.

Life is better with ducks, grab your new bucket hat here.

3. Don’t get it twisted

Ramen inspired bucket hat
Ramen inspired

The hardcore way to eat noodles is as follows
1. Boil water
2. Eat block of noodles
3. Drink boiling water
4. Snort flavor powder
5. Rock this hat with pride after completing the above list.

Need we say more? It’s right here for the taking.

4. Wear this nugget inspired bucket hat with pride

Chicken Nuggets bucket hat
Chicken Nuggets

Let everyone know that you’re cheaply available and emotionally attached to Chicken Nuggets with this stylish bucket hat. In all honesty, we will completely understand if you head over to Amazon to buy this hat and not bother reading the rest of this article.

When you’ve found your one who are we to argue.

5. Beans in places that they shouldn’t be

Beans on heads
Beans on heads

This beanie hat… Let me start again, this bucket hat should be on the head of any self-respecting English man no matter whether you’re in a festival setting, or just popping down to Greggs for a steak bake.

Bean lovers rejoice right here on Amazon.

6. Birds are not real, bucket hats are

Are Birds real bucket hat
Are Birds real

Some conspiracy theories once laughed at are now coming to light as truth. The odds on bird’s not being real are slim to none, but hey this hat is guaranteed to make for some interesting high talks at the camp.

Are you a believer in birds not being real? Then keep up the good fight and express your thoughts here.

7. Who loves MILFs?

MILF bucket hat

We’ll keep this description to a one liner… One quick Google search of Milfs will take you directly to this bucket hat, that’s how popular the hat is.

Click this link to buy, we promise it’s not a troll.

8. Just say neigh

Yay or Neigh bucket hat
Yay or Neigh

We’re totally talking about horses here. So, if you’re a horse lover then then this bucket hat shows exactly that… your love for horses…. Nothing more, nothing less. Just look for the guy or girl with the horse hat, need we say more?

Stop horsing around and click here to buy on Amazon.

9. So anyway, I started blasting

Danny Devito
Danny Devito

Sorry babe the Danny Devito bucket hat stays on during sex. Or at any other time really. Keep the legend that is Danny DeVito with you at all times no matter if you’re at a festival, family lunch, or kicking back with a group of friends watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Show your love for Danny right here or we will have to start blasting.

10. Keeping it simple and stylish a bucket hat for all

Keep it stylish bucket hat
Keep it stylish

Not everyone wants to wear a ridiculous bucket hat, some simply want simplicity, and low key style. If that’s you don’t worry, we’ve got you with this Mario inspired bucket hat featuring Boo the ghost from the popular game series.

Buy this for your boo?

11. I Pee in Pools and announce it on my bucket hat

I pee in Pools
I pee in Pools

Bro, why is it so warm in this spot? If you have zero shame about peeing in pools and want everyone to know then this is the bucket hat for you. Bonus points will be awarded if you wear the hat while in the pool.

Relieve yourself here.

12. Meme wear meets the bucket hat with Handsome Squidward

Memewear bucket hat

A classic meme for a classic hat. Channel your inner Squidward and become unnaturally handsome. Just make sure you don’t fall down (if you know, you know).

Grab some of this hunk here.

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Written by Ian Hinksman

Ian Hinksman is the co-founder of Underground Sound, an out-of-the-box writer, content creator and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the music and events industries.

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