Introducing Kunt & The Gang

Introducing Kunt & The Gang

Introducing Kunt And The Gang. A UK based musical comedy performer who’s been around since 2003 and still holds a cult following of fans.

Having just released his book i, Kunt about his rise to a minor Internet celebrity, Underground Sound jumped (well I did) at the chance to interview the minor star.

When I first approached the editor of Underground Sound saying I’m going to interview Kunt and The Gang from the UK and showed him Kunt’s tracks titled Fucksticks and I Sucked Off A Bloke, I was met with skepticism and the inevitable, ‘why?’.

My response: It’s 2019, the year where being offended by everything is popular. I mean we aren’t here to tell you where to get the best pastizzi on the island, we’re Underground Sound – it’s what we do! Although he still wasn’t initially convinced, I was given the go-ahead – a decision he now hopefully regrets.



(UGS) What’s up Kunt. thanks for taking the time to talk with Underground Sound.

(Kunt) “My pleasure, wanks very much for having me”.


(UGS) Although we have a worldwide audience, not everyone here in Malta
know about Kunt & The Gang. Would you like to fill us in on who you are?

(Kunt) “Ok then, I will. I am Kunt from Kunt and the Gang, probably Basildon’s third most
famous music act, after Depeche Mode and Yazoo. Like the aforementioned bands my
music is predominantly made on synthesizers, but unlike the aforementioned bands a
large proportion of the songs in my repertoire are about paedos and wanking”.


(UGS) Being based in Malta gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by people from all over the world especially when we attend parties. Knowing that we was going to interview you we had to showcase your music which I found only the Brits found it hilarious, the rest in attendance however didn’t really appreciate and it seemed to go over their heads.  I would say It’s dark English humor that most of the people just don’t get would you agree/disagree?

(Kunt) “I’m not sure whether it’s to do with the English sense of humor, because I’ve come across
plenty of Brits who can’t stand my act. I do try and write about universal themes that
everyone around the globe can relate to, like love and loss – in Wanking Over A
Pornographic Polaroid of An Ex-Girlfriend Who Died – and compromise – in Use My
Arsehole As A Cunt. I think that it transcends nationality – I played in Australia a few
years back to mixed responses, and I’ve got a handful of Americans who I know like what
I do, plus two French blokes and a German”.



(UGS) You stopped touring in 2016 is there a reason for that? Will you be back on the
road again?

(Kunt) “I packed up playing live in 2016 because after around 10 years of relentless gigging I felt
like I’d got stuck in a constant cycle of touring, organizing the tours, promoting the tours
and then touring again. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the madness and banter of the gigs
but I had a backlog of ideas and felt frustrated I never had enough time to sit and work on
the creative process, which was why I started doing it all in the first place. When I
stopped gigging I had a productive year of writing until my dwindling pot of cash ran out
and I had to get a proper job, which is fucking rubbish and has made me think that maybe
touring wasn’t so bad after all”.


(UGS) Everyone is offended by everything in 2019, what are your thoughts on this? 

(Kunt) “I wouldn’t like to say, for fear of upsetting some whingeing snowflake cunt”.


(UGS) Can we expect any new music from you this year to offend everyone?

(Kunt) “This year I’m going to be recording my pipe-dream punk album, Kunt and the Gang’s Punk
In Your Face. It will be the first time for about 8 years I’ve been in the studio with a band,
the last time was when I recorded some different versions of my single Fucksticks to try
and get it into the UK chart Top 40 (it didn’t. It got to number 63)”


(UGS) What the hell goes through your head when writing music/Cockumentary’s?

(Kunt) “I get most of my ideas from everyday life, for example I was at the sink in the pub toilets
when some bloke walked in and asked what the hell I was doing. When I explained I’d
come to the pub straight from work and I was washing my cock in case I got lucky, he
said, “You should write a song about that.” So, I did”.


(UGS) Are you sure you didn’t like sucking off Dave the brick layer? I mean you recorded a song and then made a full music video about it.

(Kunt) “As I said in the song, I didn’t like it”.


(UGS) Do you have any favorite tracks from your discography and why?

(Kunt) “I feel like the track A Lonely Wank In A Travelodge sums up pretty much everything about my career as a
touring artist”.


(UGS) You have just released a book titled i, Kunt would you like to tell us about that?

(Kunt) “In the year after I quit touring, I started jotting down some of the more bizarre incidents
that had happened at gigs. Where I was never a big enough success to have my own
dressing room, every night, I would mix with the people who had come along to see me,
so as well as having to pose for over a thousand sweaty selfies every tour I would often
end up arguing, grappling, having to listen to a tsunami of terrible song ideas, or getting
handed tissues full of warm ejaculate. On top of this, whilst touring I’d been banned from
Butlins, assassinated with piss and been the scourge of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after
a misjudged advertising campaign featuring stickers of a crudely drawn cock and
bollocks. When I put these stories onto paper it threw up more memories of all the odd
things that had happened over the years leading up to my minor internet success, and it
eventually became my autobiography i, Kunt (how I became and remained a minor
internet hit singer)”


(UGS) Any final thoughts you would like to put across?

(Kunt) “Yes. I think I speak for everyone in the UK when I say that I’d like to apologize to the rest
of the world on behalf of all of us here for the fucking shambles that is Brexit. Boris
Johnson and Nigel Farage told everyone if they voted to leave, that all the money we pay
the EU would be spent on National Health Service, and that they would be able to stop
foreigners coming in so that’s why we’re leaving. Hopefully we’ll all get past this little
blip and can still be friends”.



Photography Courtesy: Nobby Clark.

Words by: Ian Hinksman. 



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