We’ve been following and supporting Deprave throughout 2019.

Now starting to call his own shots we catch up with him to find out why 2019 has been such a productive year for the young producer.

“As with every year 2019 has had It’s up and downs however this has been an adventurous one”

“Because of the path I have chosen I knew I had to look at myself as a business and not just as an artist and work in a more professional minded-manner”

“I want people to look at myself and Deprave as a brand and see that I mean business.”

One adjustment in 2019 saw Deprave put that business mind to the test.

Earlier in the year he decided that a name change was needed.

“I changed my stage-name because I wanted the copyright and my reasoning for the decision to go with Deprave is because of the feeling techno gives me”

Another move towards building the Deprave brand was to approach 105 FM Galaxy Radio and land himself his own show.

Journey Into The Underground is born.

“Galaxy is an infamous Maltese radio station known for trying out new ideas so I knew that approaching them with my concept would be received well”

“My aim with JITU is to give opportunity to local and international artists and help educate listeners on the techno music industry”

2020 will see JITU move towards live interviews.

“The idea is to divide the two hour slot up into a thirty minute interview and the remaining one hour and thirty minutes of live music from the respective artist”

What’s in store for Deprave in 2020?

“2020 I’ll be moving up a gear. I’ll be releasing my first EP on Syncopath Afterhours the produced tracks will be released on the 24th of January”

“The EP will be titled ‘Beyond Time’ which will include four tracks, 0654, Dejection, Cloud 09 and Voices From The Alley”

Deprave is also preparing to work with top artists and labels for future releases as well as curate his own concept events.

Before all of the above happens there is of course ALIVE NYE.

Deprave, Ramzi, Becky Gee, Interstate and Nodus will take you into the Raving 20s – a team Deprave speaks highly about.

“The ALIVE team and the concept is something I dedicate a lot of time towards. To be able to be Ramzi‘s right hand man gives me the ability to learn, achieve and accomplish my goals”

“In 2020 ALIVE we will join forces with Underground Sound and bring a new concept. Myself, ALIVE and UGS are currently preparing and getting ready to change the way you look at events”