Villainous Prog Swing: Rum Buffalo’s Latest Release “Screama Preacha”

Villainous Prog Swing: Rum Buffalo’s Latest Release “Screama Preacha”

Rum Buffalo are here to blow your brains out with their latest release, “Screama Preacha”. 

I discovered Rum Buffalo back in 2016 when they were playing at Malta’s Earth Garden Festival. My friend called me up and told me to get my ass over to the Root’s Stage because, “there’s a saxophone on stage and it’s causing a wonderful ruckus.” 

These guys dominated the stage, spreading their infectious energy which had our heads bobbing and hips shaking instantaneously. Their sound has developed dramatically since then, but it still retains that signature ‘Rum Buffalo’ quality. 

Here’s one of the tracks they played from that set back in 2016: 

Their latest track, “Screama Preacha” brings a whole different energy. It is a dark, twisted concoction of heavy swing, hard-hitting rock and aggressive staccato melodies all tied in together with the exuberantly deviant vocals of front man,

Jake Alexander Stevens. Listening to this track is kind of like being in a haunted house at a fun park – just when you think you know what is around the corner, something pops up and startles the shit out of you. 

The first section is an intro to Rum Buffalo’s new persona moving away from the pleasantly upbeat funk they started out with busking on the streets of London. We got a taste of Rum Buffalo’s fresh alter ego earlier this year on their track Dark Mountain, and this latest release just keeps feeding into the sexy villainous character this seven-piece jazzy muster has developed.

Moving into the middle section, we meet Kathika. The belligerent bassline introduces this ‘provocative and unsettling breakbeat Barbarella’ to switch up the song’s energy. 

I was a little confused the first time I heard the transition, as it kind of reminded me of Limp Bizkit, but it grew on me. It plays into their eclectic energy, bringing rap elements into the mix which shows how hard Rum Buffalo can break traditional genre borders. A little bit of experimentation is necessary for a developing band and they are heading in the right direction. 

The song closes off with a very scatty brass encore, turning back to the catchy opening riffs that bring the song full circle. It brings elements of old-time swing with harsh undertones to keep playing into their frantically rich persona. 

I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for these guys and if you happen to be in London, catch one of their shows for a truly elevated prog swing experience. 

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