What storm? Revellers defy weather at In.di.go’s first 2019 techno event 

What storm? Revellers defy weather at In.di.go’s first 2019 techno event 

While most of Malta was dealing with 50-knot winds that battered the island, techno-lovers defied the weather and stomped it out at the surprisingly cosy club house of Gianpula for a full day of forward looking, dubbed-up techno at In.di.go.


Most people chose to stay indoors, giggling at the videos popping up of Maltese madmen picking up loose Awrat (Sea Bream) that washed ashore. In.di.go-ers instead chose to make the most of the storm by dancing from the morning with doors opening at 8am all the way till 6pm.


Launched last summer as an outdoor Sunday morning techno event at the Roof Top (Gianpula), the project is in its second year.


“The Darker Side of Light”

Nowhere else on the island do you hear the kind of techno being played at In.di.go. It doesn’t quite fit during a night time party, and it isn’t light enough for most events – it truly is the darker side of light.


The layered music goes down a treat with its warm dubbed-up sounds, rumbling basslines and a distinctly fluid approach.


DJ’s on the day were perfectly timed – giving off floaty afterhours sounds in the morning progressing through to stomping techno into the late afternoon.


Sunday morning, forward-thinking techno with:

Muski, Patient, Giacinte, Sean Rickett, Gordon Flash




Defying the storm

Arriving early enough, I was unsure how many people would actually make it down to party seeing as my Facebook newsfeed was littered with uprooted trees and smashed cars.


In.di.go-ers proved me wrong, with a solid force turning up to dance the day away. Clad head-to-toe in black, tattoos on full display once the jumpers, jackets and hats were stripped off as the dancefloor collectively heated up – these people don’t mess around. Their energy is infectious and soon enough I find myself joining in on the dancefloor-fun.


A down-to-earth crowd who aren’t much for socialising and chatting – they are all about the music.


The venue itself – a first for the event being held indoors – gave off an intimate feel with a humbly-sized dancefloor, high ceilings and large windows above the DJ stand acting as a natural spotlight.


No food truck – no problem: In.di.go usually hires a truck to provide revellers with some basic nourishment to keep them going.


Fearing Sunday’s wind would literally tip the truck over, the In.di.go boys dealt with it in classic Maltese fashion by providing pastizzi (traditional ricotta filled crispy pastry treats) while the Club House provided steaming coffee for anybody just arriving and needing to warm up.


All in all, it was a solid day out on all fronts – good music, good people, good venue – good vibes. It will be back next May 26th and we cannot wait for more.



Images courtesy of In.di.go.