Slovakian – Dance Powerhouse Zuzana an Unmistakable Energy

Slovakian Zuzana Medvedova’s arrival in Malta last year marks another addition to the island’s talented dance community.

Kicking ass in Slovakian competitions

From kicking ass in competitions back home in Slovakia to teaching Malta’s next dance generation in hip-hop dancing.,

We catch up to find out how she got here and where she is going.

When did you know you wanted to be a dancer?

Since early childhood, I have felt deeply in love with music. As a 3-year-old I used to steal my older sister’s Walkman. Later on, my big inspiration was music videos from Missy Elliot, Britney Spears, Usher, and many other superstars.

I have always been a very hyperactive person, and dance was a way for me to express myself. My sister signed me into hip-hop dance school when I was 8-year-old. Half a year later, I participated in a dance competition, and from then onwards, I knew I wanted to know more about dance.

Slovakian hip hop championships

What are your favorite styles to dance to?

My number one favorite dance style is hip-hop. When I lived in Berlin, I came across other dance styles. I found a passion for dancehall as well. Other styles I tried but I do not practice regularly are for example afro dance and house.

We read that you have won the Slovak Hip-Hop Championships 10 times! How did you do it?

Winning is the result of the community I was part of.

Dance has been my lifestyle. My best friends, the best memories in life are connected to dance. Back in Slovakia, I was part of the Element Dance Club. We had one of the highest levels in choreography dance in my country at that time, because we were very motivated, talented and traveled abroad to learn from the best dancers.

Slovakian dancer Zuzana Medvedova
Slovakian dancer Zuzana Medvedova

Fort Fitness dance classes

After eight months in Malta, what is your impression of the hip-hop scene?

In Malta, we have many hip-hop schools with a wide variety of styles.

The community is very friendly, excited to collaborate and bring something innovative to the scene.

Some very talented dancers successfully participate in world competitions.

The only drawback is that the dance schools are further away from the central parts of Malta.

You are now holding dance classes at Fort Fitness – what can we expect from your class? Is it open to beginners?

My class is for beginners and anyone who loves hip-hop music and dance. It is for adults and is located in Sliema.

I aim to gather hip-hop enthusiasts together from that area.

My class starts with a warm-up where we do basic hip-hop steps. Next, stretching follows. 

The second half of the class is dedicated to choreography, which always consists of new steps. We repeat the choreography at the end of the class so that the body of students will remember the new moves.

Slovakian dancer Zuzana Medvedova
Slovakian dancer Zuzana Medvedova

Which Slovakian dance festival to attend?

Recommendations for a good dance festival in Slovakia?

We have a famous 3-day festival called Outbreak Europe held in the center of Slovakia,

Banska Bystrica at the end of July. Dancers participate from around 70 countries, and they compete in a variety of categories.

The event includes B-Boying, DJing, MCing, and graffiti art.

Last summer, hip-hop, and popping became part of the dance competition although primarily this event is for b-boying. In breaking, more than 500 dancers participate.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself living in Malta.

I am planning to open kids and teens classes in addition to adults. In a few year’s time, I would like to go to competitions and workshops held abroad with my students (adults, kids, and teens). I believe I will develop new talents that will inspire the world further.

Zuzana Social

Zuzana holds hip-hop dance classes every Wednesday from 7:30 t0 8:30 PM at Fort Fitness.


Images courtesy of Zuzana Medvedova

Written by Luc Rouffaud

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